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Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.5 star rating (2.4 Stars)

Number of reviews: 63



5.0 star rating Lenny K from Toronto, Ontario


I have never witnessed such a spectacular concert in my entire life. The effects were mind- blowing, and the sounds and the sights were just superb, and just when you thought it couldn't get any did! I am a huge fan of The Nutcracker, and quite frankly, I have never heard such a roaring rendition of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy as I did last night in Toronto (I'm certain that Tchaikovsky would have given his approval). The TSO's version gives a whole new meaning to the term 'classical rock.' People of all ages would love the concert, although it may be a bit loud for the younger ones. I can't wait to see them again next year, and would definitely recommend the show to everyone. We were a party of 9, and had little trouble getting seated at The Fox restaurant on Bay Street, which is literally across the street from the Air Canada Centre, along with a few other restaurants, and parking can be found all around the ACC from about $20-$30 for the evening.

5.0 star rating Jen Williams from Toronto, Ontario


There is no better way to kick off the Christmas season. This show is absolutely outstanding. It gets right into your soul. I would see it again and again!!

5.0 star rating John Rush from Toronto, Ontario


Amazing concert, well worth the money, I expected a 90 minute concert, was 2 1/2 hours.

5.0 star rating John Rush from Toronto, Ontario


Amazing concert, well worth the money, I expected a 90 minute concert, was 2 1/2 hours.

5.0 star rating Gerry S from Chicago, Illinois


Was totally enthralled with the talent, the visuals and the fantastic musical arrangements. Christmas never sounded or looked so good! Someone commented, "a little heavy on the religion." I don't know what that means, but Christmas...really? The two female lead vocalists were superb; different styles with equally strong impact. Guitarists and fiddle player were top tier and pivotal to the show. The piano player was great, totally focused with unbelievable energy and style. The other singers and dancers added a classy element in every appearance. We're going to make this show a tradition for the family every Christmas. "In the Hall of the Mountain King" was fantastic. Would be great to hear "Night on Bald Mountain." Well done, TSO. You are truly peerless in your art.

5.0 star rating Jody Recek from Fresno, California


I've seen dozens of top named bands in concert. I had a favorite for many years until last night. I now have a new favorite that I feel will never be beat. So much talent from so many members of the band. I can't wait to see them again. Please come back to Fresno !!!!!!

5.0 star rating Ryan from Seattle, Washington


First off, what is the name of the blonde soloist that sang a few songs??? She Was INCREDIBLE!!! Her voice and talent just BLEW US AWAY!! But the entire show was spectacular. (the venue, Key Arena SUCKED! Pretty bad when airplane seating is roomy in comparison. I am 5'10" & 185# and was crammed in my seat) But this was much more than a show - it was and EVENT!! The effects were incredible, the music was fantastic, the talent was astounding - there is just not enough adjectives! GO see the show! I will be back next year! (and hopefully NOT at Key Arena!)

5.0 star rating Karah Christian from Birmingham, Alabama


The best concert I’ve EVER been to. It’s like being at an 70s/80s rock concert but with Christmas songs! The drums and electric guitars were so thrilling. Old City Bar sounded soooo damn good!!! Like 1000x better than the song they recorded! It was magical! It was full of soul! My ONLY negative opinion is when the Christmas songs ended and they started some demonic looking performance, with flames on all of the screens, flames shooting out of cannons, a woman doing weird sexual movements in the flames in a nightgown on the video… It was so random and I didn’t understand what that had to do with Christmas stories. If they would have said, “we’re now gonna play some of our other popular songs aside from the Christmas ones” that would have been better. “Ohh okay. Got it.” But with children there for a Christmas performance, it was like “okay what is this… a little sexual and weird.” The rest was an amazing Christmas story! Would see again! The whole place was rocking!

5.0 star rating Paul Ricciarini from Tampa, Florida


This was my first time seeing TSO live and I was completely blown away by The power, consistency And versatility of their presentation. They are way more musically gifted than I could've imagined with impeccable-no mistake timing of their powerful, energetic, passionate style never missing a note! The vocal versatility and quality hits at every inner emotion that we all carry and it's so enjoyable to feel this once again. The Tech Show is tantalizing and lends to the Energy as well. If you don't leave their show feeling way better than when you first entered, then y'all need to go back to Art's 101 and start all over. They are an Artistic Treasure and especially in these times I highly recommend everyone to go watch their performance whenever available. A special hand to Asha.

5.0 star rating FMarin from Toronto, Ontario


Just came out of the TSO concert. Oh my god. Unbelievable energy, the music was energizing, a mix of soft fast slow hard. Simply perfect. 10/10. Best purchase of the year for us. Simply magical.

5.0 star rating Chris M from Toronto, Ontario


Imagine if If Meat Loaf (circa 1977) and David Lee Roth had a love child and Pink Floyd let them use their stage. Great music, bombastic staging & effects and a terrific mix of Xmas tunes and well-known classical pieces.

5.0 star rating Reid Y from Toronto, Ontario


Did the people complaining below even listen to the band before seeing the show? TSO is known for being loud, over the top and theatrical. That's why many people pay to see their show. I laugh at those who thought the show was "satanic" because it used fire effects. And that "satanic" song that people are complaining about is Il Fortuna, one of the best known operatic works in the world. You can find it on their third album (reinforcing the idea that these people never even listened to the band. Was the pacing perfect? Not quite, but otherwise it was so much fun that my mouth hurt from smiling so much.

4.0 star rating Stephen McQuiggan from Worcester, Massachusetts


Loved the music, however the seats make a BIG difference do not get them near entry way. Show was great however the event handlers not so. Seats were located in the fourth row with stair way to the left and another one to the right. For the first 45 minutes a consistent stream of people going to their seats – this completely blocked the stage. After most got to their seats the up/down for concession kicked in

4.0 star rating David from Seattle, Washington


Great show, as usual. This was my 6th time seeing them and I brought alot of people to see them for the 1st time. I should of brought those people last year, instead! They had lots of mechanical issues this year(the stage where the drum set sits was supposed to hover down and during "Winter's Palace", 3 of the members were supposed to come down from the ceiling). They also had a couple other things that I noticed. I also thought it was strange that they played a Savatage song besides "Christmas Eve 12-24", this year. It just felt out of place. They also skipped one of my favorites like "The Mountain". Other than that, it still was really good! I just wish they brought their A game this year when I brought other people. I am still a fan, though

3.0 star rating JL from Birmingham, Alabama


I took my family of 4 to see this show expecting some magical Christmas entertainment. I thought it would be more of an Orchestra with some rock band type themes mixed in. I was shocked to see the whole things was actually more of an 80's metal hair band group. The musicians and vocalist were extremely talented. However the show seemed to have an overall dark feel with racy dancers and promiscuous scenes flashing on the screens. The show constantly showed what I can only compare to the boat tunnel scene of the original Willy Wonka with all the psychedelic strange images constantly flashing across the stage screen throughout the night that made no sense and left you confused. The "story" they told throughout the first half of the show made no sense and was dark. The second half of the show seemed to try and imbed thoughts and insinuations of Satan with some even heavier and darker type music as well. My 9 year old told me as we were leaving....Mom that show was kind of devilish,

3.0 star rating El Heffe from Black Forest, Colorado


First time to see TSO - and Good King Joy rocked! i was reminded that if i pay attention closely i could see the story unfold and be enriched - or something like that. I have the DVD (thanks SIs!) Ghosts of Christmas Past - so i thought I already knew "The Story". Well it seemed it started with a story - but then about half way thru the show - the story ended. And Fire breathing dragons and red lights took over and seemed to usher in a satanic "message". So i need to ask TSO - what the hell do fire breathing dragons have to do with Christmas, ghosts, past? While the first female vocal was the highlight of the show, i felt after 20 years - and such awesome stage capability - the on stage visuals were amateurish at best and distracted from "the story". And yes - they could cut 5 minutes off the show if all the guitarists got haircuts. Other than that - PARKING SUCKED. UNNECESSARILY Funnelling all those people into two lanes is probably why the show had to start 30 minutes late.

3.0 star rating Mary C from Houston, Texas


I have wanted to see TSO for years. I found the first half nothing of what I expected and honestly could have left at any time. The second half proved to be more of what I believed to be their claim to fame. It was excessively loud and although the laser light show was fantastic I am glad I did not have any seizure issues as I was blinded on several sweeps of the lights. The talent is unbelievable but the push to amplify detracted from whole concert. I wish I had taken ear plug to dampen the decibel level which would have made it a better experience. Must reiterate the talent was exceptional

3.0 star rating Susie B from Seattle, Washington


It was my first time seeing TSO. The visuals were amazing but the actual music had me wondering if most of the people were actual musicians. It seems like the guitarists in particular were phoning it in and were more concerned with flipping their hair than playing their guitars. It was also a little heavy on the religion. I thought they did a great job on their take of the Nutcracker, though.

3.0 star rating Todd J. from Colorado Springs, Colorado


This was my third time seeing TSO in the last ten years. I can honestly say that this was there worst performance to date. They need to get back to delivering a Great Christmas story and leave some of the theatrics.

3.0 star rating Roxane Robbins from Worcester, Massachusetts


Show itself was fantastic as always. We were excited to get front row seats this year - until the show began. From that point, several of the DCU staff were talking and laughing - loudly. We were unfortunately at the end of the aisle right next to them, but a man 5 seats away from us kept turning and giving them looks. My husband spoke to them - they ignored him. I finally got up and told them their behavior was rude and distracting and asked them to please be quiet. I received a sarcastic, "shoore." Not sure we'll return to that venue again - really unprofessional behavior. One of the women was singing a beautiful song, and their raucous laughter really ruined it. TSO, as always, gave a fantastic performance - pretty sure they wouldn't have been pleased to know what was going on in the front row.

3.0 star rating Grace from Concord, NH


My 5th time seeing them. First the unavoidable: Their gear truck broke down and was quite late getting set up, not anyone's fault, just a fact... and SNHU would not let us in until 3:10 for a 3:30 show. There were still people outside freezing in line after the show started at 4. I felt this was just wrong. People pay a lot of money for these shows. We got in on time and were seated directly across from the stage in handicap seating. Ticketmaster stuck us 10 seats apart (wheelchair and companion) so they gave hubby a chair to sit behind me. That's Ticketmaster's issue and I'll deal with them to help them understand this is an issue. Now, to the actual show. I am joining what seems to be common in saying I could not understand 95% of what was being said. It was terrible. The music was as great as it could be missing Paul O'Neill (rest his spirit). But the sets? ugh. Way too much red, ugly sticks going up and down, weird symbolic tv screens up. We left about 1/2 way through. So sad.

3.0 star rating RT from Manchester NH


I have been following TSA for years & last night's show was very disappointing. The screens they set up was mostly orange & read no story behind them. I have seen a much better stage set up then last night's. The money I spent for my ticket was just not worth it.

3.0 star rating LLDuncan from Denver, Colorado


Truly an amazing performance. However, the decibel level, even with my hearing aids turned way down, was not comfortable. One grandchild held his ears most of the time, as I did. The songs sung were not Christmasy, mostly and hard to follow. Musicians and Singers were clearly at the top of their game, no question. But dial it back, please.

3.0 star rating Missy from Birmingham, Al


I love their music on the radio, but this is my 1st to one of their concerts and I brought my granddaughter.. We felt like we were at a loud rock concert not much of their orchestra type music.

3.0 star rating Ed from Tampa, Florida


My first time seeing this show and probably my last time. It’s really not a Christmas show. More of a hard rock concert. Way too loud. The later light show was awesome and very theatrical. The snow globe scene was a highlight of the show. Just very loud .

2.0 star rating Evan from Seattle, Washington


I have been to 5 tso events over the years and having their fearless leader and drummer pass away hit them very hard this year. I will be taking them off my list of things try to do for a couple of years so they can recoup and get there bearings because this year I felt like their story was empty and there songs miss organized and confused. the crowd couldnt tell or feel any start or finish to the event. Just felt very cobbled togeather vs the productions that destroyed me emotionally and my legs and hands sore from claping and tapping to the beat. Also don’t know if Im just crazy but if felt much more religious then past productions. Sorry for new people who watched this event. This is not what you should experienced.

2.0 star rating Blue hair from Toronto, Ontario


This is my 2nd time seeing the show in Toronto. The first show a couple of years ago was fabulous. The show last night was boring. There was too much singing and story telling and not enough music. It sucked!

2.0 star rating Brett from Hershey, Pennsylvania


I have seen TSO before and loved it. This time I took my wife, it was her first time. Unfortunately this time the show was terrible. There was way to much singing, way to much story telling (FYI, the spoken word story, while presented by a man with a great voice and talent makes no sense, is convoluted, and difficult to understand). TSO's claim to fame is Christmas music with a rock twist, and their light show. Unfortunately after an hour and a half we where so fed up that we left and never got to that point. Its disappointing that they make you go though 90 minutes of slow paced, convoluted boredom before they even get to what they are known for.

2.0 star rating D Laveen from Phoenix, az


Music was good, show itself was awesome but didn't hear the story because it was so loud so basically some dude talking in-between. Then random solos, good singing but thats not what I came for. Orchestra was hidden which was weird. I want Orchestra! Too much solo singing, hair shaking, weird videos and random was the weirdest thing I've seen. Orchestra songs when they played were great. Also girls walking weird the whole time.

2.0 star rating E. Haggerty from Pittsburgh PA.


Saw this in Pittsburgh at the PPG Paints Arena. The "story' was dark and rambling, hard to follow. The music was WAAAY to loud - so loud it hurt. The laser show was OK if you like being blinded. I think it may have been to the venue, but they should be able to tone it down somewhat, if the have a reliable technician. The musicians were phoning it in - I actually think it may have been a sound track!! Not Christmasy at all. We left half way through and getting outside (even though it was cold) was a relief!! Don't waste your money!!

2.0 star rating T from Green Bay


Always wanted to see TSO. In Green Bay I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and am still questioning their Christmas story of a runaway younger girl. It’s why I looked at other reviews. I couldn’t be the only one?! Satanic undertones throughout left me feeling this girl’s plight led to serving a dark master with other girls - oddly felt like a sex trafficking outcome. A twisted Christmas story for sure. Distasteful. The female singers saved the show.

2.0 star rating T from Denver. Co


I've wanted to see them for a while and finally went with the family. Wish I had saved my money. So much singing which would have been ok if anyone had a great voice. I've seen better watching Americas Got Talent. The first part with someone coming out and narrating a story between songs was boring and did nothing for the show. I was sorely tempted to leave. The second part was much better.... except for the bad singing and over the top theatrics. Will not be going back. Think twice before you waste your mo ey.

2.0 star rating Christine Gaczewski from Buffalo, New York


The first half, “the story” was good, same ole if you saw it once you’re good. The second half went right off the rails, at one point I thought I was watching } “The Omen”, there was a part where they were on stage chanting God knows what, with fire popping out all over, I was like ok where is the Christmas theme. Then at another point the screens behind the band where showing the girls dancing provocatively, again, Christmas? Nothing was cohesive. Never again, it was like the show was trying to captivate the audience with the fire and lights and forgot the story. As far as bringing children to the show….No, . Too loud probably left the children looking for the Christmas theme. Keybank center puts you in the poor house for food, very uncomfortable, which I expected. Very disappointing all around

2.0 star rating M Shinnick from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Very disappointed …. Of course the musicians were talented but the concert was basically the same over and over again…. I felt it was like a light and sound show leaving half way through with a headache.

2.0 star rating Concerned Christian from Orlando, Florida


It’s time seeing this group. 1st it’s was heavy metal guitar squelching rock music. No dancers like I read. The singer were very difficult to understand because the band drown them out. The Biblical theme was very dark almost satanic like and you were left wondering if they really don’t believe the biblical story and are just making fun of it for money. The light and pyrotechnic show was cool for about 30 minutes and then it was just the same thing over and over. The narration was dark and boring and took up a large part of the show. Most of the songs were stuff you don’t know and can’t sing along with. Honestly, very disappointing and boring. This was the most disappointing Christmas show I have ever spent money on and what a shame because their talent is amazing and if they handed this a Christmas show people could sing along to and the light show was consistently changing and you stayed engaged it could be the greatest Christmas show of all time.

1.0 star rating Scott from Detroit, Michigan


I concur with a lot of the comments about the darkness of the show. This was NOT an uplifting holiday experience. The music was absolutely BLASTED out of the sound system and from the motions of the "musicians" on the various stages it was fairly apparent that much of the music was being piped in from a track. Essentially this is not a "concert" this is a visual production.

1.0 star rating AmishLou from Lancaster, PA


We saw the TSO show three years ago and I wanted to come back ever since. Unfortunately, the show has changed a lot and was not the least bit Christmasy. It was very dark and disjointed and so loud that I really think it damaged my hearing. I have no desire to see TSO in concert ever again.

1.0 star rating Johnny Clark Jr. from Dallas, Texas


Where to begin? Too ridiculous. Too loud. Musicianship was quite honestly terrible. And finally, this show is about as NON CHRISTMAS as you can possibly get. I sincerely hope this TSO thing dies a quick death as it is a waste of time and money and is apparently some metal band's last ditch attempt to pretend they made it according to the history I have read!! VERY SAD!!!

1.0 star rating Brent Bullard from Sacramento, California


I had always wanted to see TSO. My girlfriend had in the past. The first part of the show was very good Christmas and holiday show. The rest suddenly erupted in Gargoyles, chants, fire breathing dragons, etc. It destroyed the ambience they had built up in the beginning acts. Will not see it again if this is the format they use going forward

1.0 star rating Karen c from Hartford, Connecticut


Nothing wonderful or beautiful about that show was all about dragons and fires everywhere!

1.0 star rating Diane from Worcester, Massachusetts


I can’t believe I paid $700 for 4 tickets to see such a dissapointing concert. We saw them in concert 4 years ago and it was wonderful. This time, The music was so loud that we couldn’t understand the words they were singing the majority of the time. The story was over half way through the show and we should have left then. The head banging music started and was so over the top it was deafening. The satanic music and hair flipping by musicians who constantly asked crowd to cheer for them was ridiculous. This is the last time I will ever go to one of their concerts.

1.0 star rating Richard from Chicago, Illinois


Where to begin? I guess with the fact that this is not an orchestra. There was a small string section, but that's about it. I don't know what I expected when I saw that it would be Xmas music and a laser light show, I guess I should have been prepared. I titled this review—who is this show for—because of the weird mix of 80s hair metal bands (notes of Rush, Van Halen, and Metallica were heard for sure) paired with Christmas (Christ, religious language and classic songs, symbolism, etc.) would SEEM to alienate one side or the other. The crowd was mostly white, 40-60 years old, so the long hair, heavy guitar licks, and posturing on stage seemed out of place? The laser light show wasn't bad, some of the pyrotechnics good, too, the musicians obviously talented. The videos on the screens felt like the were stolen from a bad video game. And the whole story (and VERY bad spoken-word poetry) didn't convey a message—dinosaurs, the industrial age, The Old Tow Bar (what the hell) was confusing.

1.0 star rating Mark H. from Seattle, wa


I was a huge TSO fan, until last night. I am not really sure what I was watching last nite, some 80s hair band up there flipping their hair around as if that was impressive(I'm a fan of short hair NOW). They were totally off their game, and it seemed as they new that. The earlier show must of not gone well for them. Terrible show.

1.0 star rating Llama from Sacramento, CA


I saw TSO a couple of times pre-pandemic and loved them. Last night (in Sacramento) changed that. The concert was only a shadow of what they were before. It was loud but understandable. It was full of Christmas music and entertaining. Then the edibles must have kicked in because the second half was crazy! Way too loud! It was like late 70’s heavy metal/acid rock that really had no theme or direction. It was not enjoyable! I will not see them again and will not recommend seeing them to others.

1.0 star rating John B. from Greensboro NC


A few interesting riffs but the quality of voice and harmony are definitely NOT first rate. The choreography consists of the lead guitarist prancing about while the others wildly gyrate and motion for recognition. The audience was NOT enthusiastic to say the least. The story-line is stale and rambling, difficult to follow, and lacks coordination and clarity..the Christian message of the Holiday is lost in the exaggerated efforts of the group to appear talented or effectively directed. Do we really need to know the names and hometowns of everyone in the show? At about 30 minutes you could see many feeling uncomfortable and a few heading for the peace-on-earth of the parking lot.

1.0 star rating Melissa from Tampa, Florida


I hate that I spent so much money for my family to see this show. I seriously have been wanting to see them for years and was so looking forward to it. The theater used has terrible acoustics which probably made it worse than it was. The message did NOT feel like Christmas at all. It's pretty bad that we got up and left before the end.

1.0 star rating Therese Monique from Seattle, WA


It was so incredibly loud, so Vegas like. Could barely hear the words. The antics, the throwing the hair around was just too much. Spent approx $ 100 per ticket, regret it.

1.0 star rating Tina Thompson from Portland, Oregon


This is my 3rd year. This year was not right. Way too loud on instruments and it drowned out any vocals. It was almost painful on the years. Many of the songs didn't fit and shouldn't have been used. I may not go back again. It was brutal and I hope they see this so they can change it!

1.0 star rating Bob from Worcester, Mass


Over the top light show trying to make up for very dated show. No big screens to view musicians? Not even sure if it was being performed live at all. Perhaps an air guitar would have sufficed.

1.0 star rating Andrew James from Indianapolis, IN


This was a terrible show. I left halfway through. Was hoping to start a new Christmas tradition but this show was not Christmas related. Only guitarists and vocalists not good enough to be in a real band here. And I'm not even sure they were performing based on what I saw - I think it could have been just played from a track.

1.0 star rating Stoudty from Chicago, Illinois


To Loud and what the heck were they singing or screaming! Show was awful. I’ve seen many concerts and besides cheap trick this was by far the worst

1.0 star rating Sean B from Seattle, Washington


Our show in Seattle was too loud, hearing damaging. But suppose you brought hearing protection, the audio production was still terribly mixed with peaking/clipping between vocals and instruments. Visual production was laughable, antiquated sets with early 2000s videos and ancient 3D visuals. They attempted to do some kind of storyline in first half of the show which makes little sense and ends abruptly midway through overall concert. Second half of the concert featured more of their classics, more enjoyable. Every completely original song was laughably bad in delivery, coming off feeling like parodies of 1980s hair metal, country, and a little bit of blues. Not sure who their "original" songs appeal to- they miss the rock-orchestral fans and they aren't good enough to stand up as original music in other genres. Overall, probably worst "high production" musical event show you could go to in 2023 outside Vegas. Can't recommend to anyone.

1.0 star rating David Moreau from Albany, New York


This being my first time at a live TSO event, I found It very unfortunate that the story teller gives the impression that the show is over as he concludes his story, which caused me and my family to leave the show prematurely. This was confusing and very unnecessary. A simple announcement by him or the emcee that there are 2 parts to the show would prevent this problem. This resulted in me and my family missing the experience of the second half of the show. Considering all of the time and significant expense involved in all of us attending this show it is very upsetting.

1.0 star rating Sherry Weiss from Riverside Ca


I've wanted to see TSO for many years and was thoroughly shocked at their demonic and sexual innuendos. The sound was defining. Thankful we weren't on the floor seats as it would have caused seizures, or at the very least a migraine. What was the purpose of the gyrating ladies on the overhead runways. Instead of a Rock and Roll Christmas concert that is ( I'm assuming ) their norm, seemed more evil and dark. What was the reason for the burning triangle? Subliminal for burning the Trilogy? The very end there were young blond ladies fawning over on elderly man at a piano,....looked like they were tempting him to hell, and the amount of flames and fireworks seemed to emphasize that. Then they looked right at the camera as if they were tempting the audience. the 1st half was bad enough, but the second half was just plain disturbing. I'm sorry that this is how a gift to my grandsons turned out. I would NEVER suggest this to anyone. What a total waste of money and time.

1.0 star rating Scarlet from Boston, Massachusetts


It’s misleading to call this an orchestra, or a Christmas show, or entertainment. My sister had tickets the previous weekend in another state and had to miss when she caught COVID. Lucky her. COVID is better than this show. The laser show was over the top with no build up or variation in the stimulation so in the end it’s like torture. The singing and instrumentals were awful, and the music is not Christmassy, joyful, or warm in any way. half the audience left early including our group. Tragic.

1.0 star rating Linda Bayley from Toronto, Ontario


Too reliant on a light show. Couldn’t see or appreciate the violins, keyboard, or drums as they were hidden behind flashing lights. If they had made better use of the screens (as in other live shows) we would at least have been able to see the guitar players, and singers. We were a group of eight and shared this opinion.

1.0 star rating Tina from Phoenix, AZ


My husband and I have seen TSO several time. We took my sister and she was excited to see the event we have seen and how feeling and magical it was. Didn’t happen, seemed very off, she kept expecting something awesome to happen and it never did. I wished we had taken her last year.

1.0 star rating Melissa K. from Raleigh, North Carolina


I was there, Wed., 12/13/23, seated at the left wing of the stage and it was so loud, it hurt my eardrums. I would up leaving to vomit it was so loud. The foam ear plugs offered by an usher barely made any difference. The audio technician should be terminated for ruining what could have been a nice event. Lights were too bright as well. Someone thought it'd be a great idea to magnify the decibels far beyond the norm to punctuate the show. It had the opposite affect. Others left for the same reason, deafening sound.

1.0 star rating Hawkfan311 from Kansas City, MO


This was my first and last time seeing TSO. I honestly don’t get how they sell tickets. It’s like a late 80s early 90s crappy metal band tried to cover up bad music with pyrotechnics and lasers. The effects aren’t even that cool. I mean maybe 20-30 years ago they were but not today. It got so bad my daughters and I starting looking at each other and laughing. I guess this will be an experience we will never forget but for the wrong reason. At least we will get a chuckle out of it.

1.0 star rating Maryann from Hershey, PA


TSO assaulted their audience with a show that was painfully loud accented by a light show that could induce seizures. Highly unprofessional and thoroughly unenjoyable.

1.0 star rating from St Louis, Mo


Too loud, over stimulating, Lazers created headaches. Where's the orchestra?

1.0 star rating Ann from Detroit, MI


I'm so confused on how anyone likes them. My friends and I left about halfway through. The story was lame and hard to follow. We started laughing at everything becasue we couldn't believe this was a serious show. Please don't fall for the advertisements and positive reviews it's all lies.

1.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


Beware very dark and inappropriate. Not Christian and not for Christmas that I can tell . Not recommended.

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